1. The Irish Stone Builders - Newgrange

    The Irish Stone Builders - Newgrange
    Incredible tombs stand across the Emerald isle that were built over 5000 years ago. These magnificent structures are famous for their complex design that have fascinated scientists, historians and archaeologists all over the world. How did people from 3000BC build such complicated structures with stone that weighed over a 100 tons? We don't know but we can give you an...
  2. The Book of Kells

    The Book of Kells
    The Celtic cross can be see all across Ireland but one of the most well-known Celtic crosses is the one which illustrates the four Gospels. These beautiful crosses are inspired by The Book Of Kells, which is located in Trinity College in Dublin. The book has become famous worldwide and is one of Ireland's national treasures. Written over 1000 years...
  3. The Cross Of Saint Bridget – An Irish Saint

    The Cross Of Saint Bridget – An Irish Saint
    Early Life The Saint Bridget's Cross is one of the most well – known symbols in Ireland. But who was Saint Bridget and what did she do? Saint Bridget was marked by her remarkable selflessness. She had little to no self love and gave all she could to help the poor. She was esteemed at an early age by her...
  4. The Irish Famine – The Land Of The Free

    The Irish Famine  – The Land Of The Free
    No Irish Need Apply No Irish need apply – a heartbreaking sentence that swept across America after a mass migration of Irish refugees hit the US shores. The influx of refugees caused upheaval to major parts of America and the American people became discontented by the disruption to their way of living. The million Irish peasants who were now living...
  5. The Irish Famine – The Landlords

    The Irish Famine – The Landlords
    The 1840's in Ireland was a time of survival, sorrow and torment. The unbearable oppression that the Irish suffered under English control contributed heavily to the huge amount of deaths during the Irish famine. Afraid that the Irish would become dependent on state aid they ordered the closure of soup kitchens and added further to the sufferings of the impoverished...
  6. Leprechauns - An Irish Legend

    Leprechauns - An Irish Legend
    When people think of the Irish they often associate us with Guinness, wolly jumpers, green landscapes, the Claddagh ring, pirate queens, fairies, leprechauns, Irish dancing, sing songs and of course, lets not forget our ability to have 'the craic'. Yes, it is true, we know how to have a good time and you need a wolly jumper if you are...

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