The Celtic cross can be see all across Ireland but one of the most well-known Celtic crosses is the one which illustrates the four Gospels. These beautiful crosses are inspired by The Book Of Kells, which is located in Trinity College in Dublin. The book has become famous worldwide and is one of Ireland's national treasures. Written over 1000 years ago this beautiful book illustrates the life of Christ according to the early church – which has remained unchanged.

The book itself contains many beautiful illuminations and illustrations recounting the life of Jesus Christ. This precious ancient biblical treasure is believed to have been used on the alter at mass but not used for educational purpose. It originated from a monastery in the Isle of Iona where it was produced. At some point the book was moved to Kells in the 9th century and then some time in the 11th Century it was stolen and the front cover which was covered in precious Jewels was ripped from the book and the rest thrown into a ditch. During the massive protestant reformation, the book was sent to Rome for safe keeping to keep it from further vandals and thief's. In the 17th century the book returned to Ireland and giving to Trinity College, where it has lived since.

Calfskin was used during the making of the book making the pages smooth and easier to draw on. The artistry is so fine that some of the detail can only be see with a magnifying glass. Only two pages of the 800 page book have no illustrations. The pages remind us of the Holy sacrifice of the Eucharist and gives us illustrations based on biblical scenes. This is the most beautiful book that ever came out of medieval Europe and possibly out of Europe at all.














While you can book tickets to see these beautiful illustrations with Trinity College. We have put together some of the beautiful items together for you.



This beautifully decorated image shows the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus and they are surrounded  by Angels of God. Our Lady appears to be seated on a throne - as queen of heaven.





















Christ is led to be crucified after the betrayal of Judas.

































This beautiful illustration shows Christ enthroned after his Ascension into heaven.



















This fabulous illustration shows Jesus in the dessert where he is tempted by the devil to jump off the roof of a temple to show his power. This was during a 40 day fast before Jesus began travelling to preach to man. In his divine humility, Jesus told Satan ''Thou shall not tempt thou Lord thy God''.












A fabulous illustration of the Gospels featuring Matthew, Mark, Luke & John.










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