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  1. Famous Claddagh Rings

    Famous Claddagh Rings
    Famous celebrities have worn claddagh rings. Check them out and tell us your favorite.
  2. Cu Chulainn

    Cu Chulainn
    Who Is Cu Chulain? Cu Chulainn was one the the greatest Celtic Warriors that ever lived. Born by the name of Setanta, he showed true warrior qualities from a young age and it was prophesied that he would one day become a legend.
  3. The Children of Lir

    The Children of Lir
    The haunting and majestic story of The Children Of Lir.
  4. Salmon of Knowledge

    Salmon of Knowledge
    The beautiful tale of wisdom, chance and humility. Read all about the Salmon Of Knowledge.
  5. The Latin Quarter

    The Latin Quarter
    The Latin Quartre is the soul of Galway city. Located beside Claddagh Jewellers, it is a fun filled place to be in Galway.
  6. St. Patrick's Day

    St. Patrick's Day
    Celebrate Saint Patricks Day with Claddagh Jewellers. The tale of Saint Patrick.

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